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9-step guide for first time Buyers

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

This is it! You're ready to purchase your first home and that's crazy exciting BUT also can be overwhelming. I realize how hard it can be, at times, to pick up the phone and call a professional so I'm going to make it a little easier on you by breaking down my Beginner's guide to Buying your home.

1. First and foremost it is crucial to be prepared to buy! Would you walk into a store fully intending to buy a TV right then but leave your wallet/purse at home? Of course not. Buying a home is honestly no different. Our current market has proven that most homes have multiple offers within days. In order for your agent (ehem, me) to best help you purchase your deam home, you first need to meet with a lender to get preapproved.

2. Uh oh! You're not preapproved and don't know where to start. Don't worry, there are many amazing loan officers in our area that I am happy to connect you with. This is a simple process. Contact one, or a few, decide who you feel best suits your needs and get rolling! They'll walk you through the process, let you know what price of home you'll feel most comfortable with and break down all the financial stuff for you! Easy stuff!!

3. YOU'RE PREAPPROVED! After we complete our happy dance, it's time to really chat through your list of desires. I want to know exactly what you want and WHY! The more info we can dig into, the better I can serve you. You, and your happiness, are my #1 priority. I want to find you exactly what you want....within reason. haha

4. We've found houses you like! It's time to figure out a day/time that works best to tour the homes for you. I take on all the heavy lifting when it comes to scheduling, confirming, researching etc. so you don't have to do anything but wait for confirmation and show up! Easy stuff yes? And FUN!

5. THIS IS THE ONE! Now we get to do the fun part... paperwork! This is exciting! I will walk you through the entire offer so you understand what your signing and also tailor it to what you like while doing our best to place your offer in the absolute best light that we can. Once we have left no stone unturned, you'll sign the dotted line and then I make sure it gets sent off where it needs to go. Understand that negotiations and counteroffers are normal, it is my job to help negotiate and present all options to you during this time.

6. ACCEPTED!! Holy crow...what's next?! I'll tell you! I will share the offer with your lender who will then get busy on their end. If you plan to have an inspection this is the time to schedule it! Not sure who to use? That's why you have me silly! I will provide you with trusted inspectors that you can reach out to.

7. Inspection is done and everyone is, what are we waiting on now? The appraisal. Remember when I sent the accepted offer over to your lender? One of the many things he/she got rolling on is ordering the appraisal. Once an appraiser from the lenders trusted pool picks up the job we wait for him/her to schedule and complete it.

8. Appraisal report is in...what's the hold up now?! Yes, the report is in and now it has to get submitted through it's proper channels to make sure everything looks good! Once it has cleared through final underwriting, and we are given the green light, we will schedule the closing with the title company!! We will go over all the final numbers and what to expect on closing day. This is also when we will schedule our final walkthrough.

9. Closing day!! This is what we have been waiting for. Once we have done our final walkthrough of the home, we will head to the title company to begin the closing! Be prepared to sign your name...a lot... once you've gotten through the lender paperwork the seller will be brough in to sign over ownership of the home! Once everything has been signed we will be able to pick the sellers brain a little on little things you may want to know about the home. I'll also remind you to switch the utilities into your name and then BOOM! YOU OWN A HOME!!

WHEW... I didn't know if I could actually wrap that process up in 9 steps, but I did! One thing to remember is this, no two deals are exactly the same. Sure, we may bump into some hiccups along the way but you'll have me in your corner to help you maneuver through them. I promise to take the best care of you and keep you well informed through the entire process.

So, feel ready?! I know I am! Lets do this.

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