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10 ways you'll know this is the right home for you

10 ways... 10 ways you'll know it's right.. let's first start with some pretty obvious ones:

1. It checks all, or the majority of, your boxes.

We all have that list of what we are hoping for... in some cases I'm able to find you your unicorn home and other times we need to know what are top priorities or things that will make or break it.

2. The price is right!!

Not only does the home have the space and location, it's well within budget and you won't be overextended by the monthly payment! YAY!

3. You are able to picture yourself in the home and have vision for it.

"We could put the table here and the couch there...where do you think the desk would fit?..." I love when I start hearing my clients envisioning where all their things will go. This is typically paired with...

4. The feeling of excitement!!

Upon walking in you have the overwhelming feeling of excitement. It goes hand-in-hand with "when you know, you just know..." The longer we spend in the house the more excited you feel.

5. The timing is right.

I don't think I need to elaborate on this much.

6. You didn't have to convince yourself that it would work...

I never want that for any of my clients! Don't settle simply because you're tired of the search or whatever other reason.

7. You aren't picking it apart.

So often I'll walk into a home with a client and they almost immediately begin pointing out things that bug them, need to be changed, they don't like... even little things like doorknobs or paint color. These same people can walk into another house and say "Oh...I like this... sure, we will need to change the paint color but I think a nice light gray would look awesome in here..." - wait, what? The last house you ripped it up and down because of the paint and here it's "no big deal" or "an easy fix"... In fact, this runs into #8....

8. You feel defensive of the home.

It is my job as your agent to point out flaws or latent defects I may see. If when I do this the client says, "that's no big deal, I can fix that no problem" or "My dad is awesome with drywall, he can totally repair that in less than a half-hour..." or so on, I typically know that this is the one. You've already begun to stake some claim to it and can easily see past the flaws.

9. You can't wait to brag about it.

You're standing IN the home and you can't wait to leave and tell others all about how perfect it is for you and everything about it.

10. You don't want to look at any other homes.

THIS, this is a big one. You know you've found the one if you have other homes you were interested in seeing and you just have zero desire to look at any others.

So, you now know this is the home you want. It's time to ask, is this something I should sleep on or do I risk possibly losing out on it if I drag my feet too long? I will be the first to tell you not to just jump into something, especially if I sense any hesitancy or uncertainty. IF I sense that you aren't 100% but yet you say "Ok, I think we should probably write an offer then huh?" I will immediately suggest giving it a little time. Typically, I only get that type of response if someone really isn't fully feeling the home.

BUT - if you feel ways 1-10, then do not delay. Anything can happen and I would hate for you to miss out on the home for you simply because we drug our feet too long. I have seen this happen and it's really a massive bummer.

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