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Making your new house a home

There are some SUPER simple things you can do to your new house to make it feel more like home and most of those things are simple decorating tips!

Right now we live in a world where simplicity is key and I have to say, I love it.

Bit of advice #1, pick furniture that doesn't overwhelm your space. Sure, your husband LOVES that massive U-shaped sectional but it'll only fit if you block off most of the entry space to the room... probably not a great choice. Instead, opt for a couch with an attached chaise on one end. This will provide him with the ability to spawl out without completely filling your room. Get a tasteful, round coffee table, a couple of throw pillows and an accent chair and you're golden!

#2, and this one is simple... PLANTS. I will be the absolute first to admit, I am the QUEEN of killing plants. Thank God I can keep kids alive! haha For me, I opt for faux plants, there are so many realistic-looking ones out there, or hard to kill plants.

Plants that are crazy simple to take care of or forget about until you remember to water them...oops...

Chinese Evergreen - beautiful plant, easy to care for.

Fiddle Leaf Fig - These are ALL the rage right now and it's easy to know why... beautiful and ALMOST kill proof.

Peperomia - I love the look of these and they handle well in our humid Michigan summer climate. There are SO many styles of them to choose from.

Air Plant - seriously... AIR PLANT, it really doesn't get much easier than these guys. Again - another SUPER popular plant right now, up there with succulents. So many to choose from.

Here are a couple of links to faux plants.

We have two of these plants in our home and I love them! Plus, use those 40% coupons at Hobby Lobby and get an even better deal!.

Click on the photo to follow the link. (These are not sponsored ads by any means. Just suggestions.)

Some aren't fans of the more "pokey" look and prefer a more "soft" look. This is a fantastic option. Again, use that 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby to get an even better deal. **Side note - try not to overwhelm areas with too many plants unless you're using smaller plants and having more of a "display" like what you see in my website header photo.**

Oh my gosh... I'm in LOVE with this little guy! Simple, Clean, yet refreshing. Even though it's a faux plant it still makes the air feel fresh.

Come on!! This on the center of your rectangle dining table?! That's it, I think I need this one! haha - So simple, so clean. I love it.


Tip #3 - Print those photos and get them hung! There are so many different ways to go about this, the possibilities are endless. You can pretty much get solid ideas for gallery walls off Pinterest, hop on Snapfish and order photo tiles or even one big, large family photo print to hang... One option for this is to have a poster print made and then instead of framing it, use something like these Magnetic poster frames to hang it up with.


Etsy is an amazing resource to find unique, printable wall prints. I am a sucker for abstract, simple, on-trend colors but to each their own! That is the magic... we all bend toward different things. Hobby Lobby also provides a myriad of artwork and they are right here in town.

My last bit is something that I've grown to really REALLY love in my own home and that is, having baskets, or blanket ladders to hold all sorts of cosy, beautiful, warm blankets that anyone can quickly grab and get snuggled up with. Definitely a favorite. I will post a few photos of each of these tips currently in my home.

ALL faux plants, notice not one but TWO baskets with blankets.

On the opposite side of the room you'll find the blanket ladder and you can barely see it, but there's yet another basket with a blanket... haha. I tried to be wise about what styles of blankets I purchased. It's smart to have a couple lightweight ones and then a couple heavier, warm ones but they all MUST be soft and cosy.

You guessed it, another blanket! This one adds so much texture and fun to this room. With all the white and light colors in this room, it is important to pull in some pattern and pops of color where you can. Accessories are a great way to do this.

You aren't alone in all of this... I am actively working on getting photo prints and "finishing touches" for my home and we will soon have lived here for SIX years. haha Don't stress, Rome wasn't built in a day and although your home is much smaller than Rome, we have busy lives and money that needs to be spent elsewhere, so do not beat yourself up!! You'll get there.

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