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Everything you need to know before signing a contract

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Contract, a word that can strike panic into any sane adult. Listen, we both agree that purchasing or selling a home is a major deal and I, for one, do not take this lightly. With that said, this process is only scary if you sign without knowing what you are getting into.

Understand this, I DO NOT LIKE BAD SURPRISES...but if, say, a certain someone wanted to surprise me with coffee or gifts...those are welcome... I will go over every bit of information on everything I present to you. I will pause at various points and ask you if you have questions or need further clarification on anything. PLEASE, ask me all your questions.

BEFORE signing anything make sure you have a clear understanding. I will be honest, there will be a lot of information being thrown your way. We will cover agency disclosure, we will then go deeper into that and talk about both of our rolls in this real estate agreement, or "marriage" if you will, that we are entering into. To work flawlessly together we must have a great foundation to build on and that means communicating clearly and knowing exactly what you're signing to.

Next things next. Once we get through the Agency Disclosure, Buyer's agency agreement or listing agreement we are golden until we reach the offer stage.

When getting ready to sign a Purchase Agreement there is quite a bit to cover. We will put in the offer amount, type of loan, proposed closing date, contingencies, earnest money deposit amount (will highlight on this during the next blog post), possession timeline and MORE.

During this point your head will be spinning, you'll feel excited and possibly sick all at the same time and this is all normal, please try to stay checked in. I will spend as much time as needed walking through every aspect. Once you have asked all your questions and agree to everything...then sign. It's better to feel confident then have that scary feeling of, "Oh crap! What did I just sign"...

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